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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sit, stay, come, fetch! We love our dogs endlessly, and go to any length to see that tail wag. With all the ways we love our dogs, it can be difficult to put it into words. Yet with their quirks and each look, they can tell us exactly what they're thinking with just a glimmer in their eye, or exasperated moan. What better way to capture what can't be put into words with an original oil portrait packed with that one-of-a-kind, unbeatable personality. Each portrait I paint is filled with love and patience. I work from photographs of your choosing. They can be pre-existing or I can take a personalized photo for you. Either way I would love to come and meet your dog and capture their Wag! Ask about people and dog portraits to include yourself or someone you love in the portrait with your dog! Rates are dependent on the size and intricacy of the composition. Please contact me with any questions you may have at wagportraits@gmail.com I look forward to meeting you and your dog! Now, let's go for a walk.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Les Chiens...

Contact me at 416-436-0577 or wagportraits@gmail.com

Media Buzz
Check out my Animal House Calls segment, (July 12 2011) as I was interviewed live, with a donated work-in-progress painting for an adoptable dog, Marley.

Want a portrait of your pet? Here are the steps:  
1. Contact me by email or phone! I can't wait to meet you and your pet!

2. We discuss what SIZE of portrait you are looking for 

3. You tell me what budget you are hoping to work within

4. I use a photo of your choosing as reference 

5. I begin! Woohoo! A portrait generally takes between 2-4 weeks


Water Dog
Oil on Canvas 16x20

Oil on Canvas 12x9

Oil on Canvas 8x8

Snow Whites
Oil on Canvas 24x24

20x20 Oil on Canvas

"Best Friends" 
12x16 Oil on Canvas 

 "Pepper Pot"
12x12 Oil on Canvas 

"Top Dog"
20x20 Oil on Canvas

"Old Souls"
12x9 Oil on Canvas